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👁‍🗨 We're proud to announce that Samsara Family Collective has a new member! 👁‍🗨

Hizen is repping Lansing, MI with chill house music and pool-side vibes... His productions, much like his personality, are uplifting, colorful and imaginative! Get to know him and listen here: www.hizenmusic.com

New Samsara Family Collective member, Hizen

New Samsara Family Collective member, Hizen

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First     Ever Samsara Showcase

Catch the first showcase of all Samsara artists in their home town of Grand Rapids, MI to commemorate their first mixtape. 

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Couture Tape Cooperative Feature

A comprehensive overview of the idea and creators starting the movement. Also includes a review of the first mixtape "Samsara Vol.1".



Check out this article featuring Samsara and our vision for 2017 right out of the gates. 

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