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Samsara Family x EDM Sauce Present “Samsara Vol.5” on Spotify!

Thanks to our friends at EDM Sauce, we have been able to team up and co-release Samsara Vol. 5 on Spotify! This marks our venture’s beginning into the Spotify world, so BIG THANK YOU to EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records!

Save and enjoy!

Samsara Gives Back

Samsara Family Collective teamed up with West Michigan Center for Arts & Technology (WMCAT) to share their knowledge and skills with local art students about the various career paths that today's music industry can provide! We thoroughly enjoyed making new friends and sharing our love for music with the future of West Michigan!


Samsara Showcase 3: Bigger and bigger things

Perfectly marking the 2 year anniversary of Samsara Family Collective, we have decided to build on last year and expand the night into TWO STAGES within the a world-class venue [THE INTERSECTION]. We’re featuring some new talent and supporters… not to mention a whole separate vibe in stage 2, all types of house music! We’re looking forward to a massive night for our community for the 3rd year in a row! Bigger and bigger things coming - We love you Michigan!!

DATE: 1.19.19



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Samsara Family Collective Local Volunteering <3

Over 2019, we will be carrying out several volunteer initiatives to give back to our local community. If you would like to join us, please head to our CONTACT page and let us know!


Samsara FAmily's Newest Member: Kar Pow



👁‍🗨 It's our pleasure to announce that the incredibly talented KAR POW has officially joined our team of Samsara Family Artists! 🖤💚💜

The multi-talented Karlie Powell can be found curating her own clothing brand, traveling the nation for music journalism, putting on a KILLER performance on stage, or laying down her own vocals on her music - any day of the week. She’s a true hustler and that’s why she’s climbed her local ranks in no time at all! We’re extremely proud to have KAR POW join the roster in 2018.

You will find KAR POW’s talent in some of our latest releases on Samsara Vol. 5 and you can find more of his work by following her socials. Give our new family member a listen! 👁‍🗨

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Couture Tape Cooperative Feature

A comprehensive overview of the idea and creators starting the movement. Also includes a review of the first mixtape "Samsara Vol.1".



Check out this article featuring Samsara and our vision for 2017 right out of the gates. 

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