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Samsara Showcase 2 @ the Stache is here!

Click the picture to the link to the Facebook event and ticket sales! The Family is bringing out new artists, live music, live vocals and even more surprises for this sophomore showcase. This event will be right in the heart of our hometown, Grand Rapids, MI. You don't want to miss out on this one, Michigan!

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New Samsara Family Collective member, OSHEA DAVAUN

New Samsara Family Collective member, OSHEA DAVAUN

Samsara FAmily's Newest Member: OSHEA DAVAUN

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ It's our pleasure to announce that the incredibly talented lyricist OSHEA Davaun has officially joined our team of Samsara Family Artists! πŸŒΉ

Coming from Detroit, MI where music is all around, it wasn't hard for OSHEA Davaun to find his passion for hip-hop. OSHEA began rapping around the age of 6, and by the time he was 9 years old, he began writing his lyrics down. OSHEA got his first experience in a recording studio as a gift for his 11th birthday. By age 14 he began releasing mix-tapes and selling them to his fellow peers around school. Now by age 24, OSHEA has released two independent albums, was named Detroit's top "15 artists to watch in 2017" by Metro Times and is working on his next album which will be released fall of 2018.

You can find OSHEA's talent in some of our latest releases on Samsara Vol. 3 and you can find more of his work by following his socials. Give our new family member a listen! πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨

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Couture Tape Cooperative Feature

A comprehensive overview of the idea and creators starting the movement. Also includes a review of the first mixtape "Samsara Vol.1".



Check out this article featuring Samsara and our vision for 2017 right out of the gates. 

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